In the heart of the Quartier des Chartrons

Cradle of the Bordeaux wine trade, Mähler-Besse is today one of the few trading companies to be based behind the huge stone walls of hundred year old wine cellars as well as in the elegant Charterhouse surrounded by lawns and huge trees. It also shows not only its roots in the city which, today, offers all the splendour of its docks and historical districts, but also its willingness to welcome and open its doors to the world. Indeed, over the years,

Mähler-Besse likes to welcome its customers and partners from all over the world to allow them to discover its estates and châteaux, not to mention the exceptional bottles which lie in its wine cellars. This warm feeling of welcome can also be found in the plush comfort of its lounge areas and study rooms, a refined menu created by a chef who will reveal to each and every guest the combination of regional wine and gastronomy.