Jefferson’s Bourbons

JEFFERSON' S BOURBON WHISKEY pays homage to Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States from 1801 to 1809. Philosopher, epicurean and francophile, Thomas Jefferson removed taxation from whisky in 1802 thus allowing its expansion.

The spirits company McLain & Kyne, owner of Jefferson's, has its origins in the 19th century. Like many families of Kentucky farmers, Mc Lain and Kyne, produced bourbon illegally.
In the Nineties, the spirits company Mc Lain & Kyne was created to perpetuate the tradition of exceptional bourbons. Today it is managed by Trey Zoeller, descendant and eighth generation of the Mc Lain family.

In 2006, CASTLE BRANDS (Clontarf, Knappogue Castle, Boru Vodka) bought out McLain & Kyne and entrusted its exclusive distribution on the French market to MÄHLER-BESSE.
If the majority of bourbons are often the result of a batch of 200 to 300 barrels, Mc Lain & Kyne are the only company carrying out batches in English from 8 to 12 barrels of the best bourbons, thus giving rise to the concept of “Very Small Batch”