Mähler-Besse Wines

  • Name :

    Premières Côtes de Blaye

  • Area :

    14 hectares

  • Density of plantation de plantation :

    5,000 feet/hectare

  • Annual production :

    80,000 bottles

  • Types of vine :

    20% Sauvignon Cabernet, 20% Cabernet Franc and 60% Black Merlot

  • Average age of the vineyard :

    25 years

  • Soil and subsoil :


  • Cultivation / Care of the vine :

    Double Guyot size with exfoliation and stripping, 5 bunches per foot only

  • Grape harvest :


  • Wine-making :

    Wine-making in a mixed wine cellar: cement vat and stainless steel vats

With its Cheval Noir estate located in Saint-Emilion since the beginning of the century, Mähler-Besse strengthened its operation under the same name, through the acquisition in 1992 of Château La Couronne.

Mähler-Bess equipped itself with the essential requirements for the production of great wines: new cellar, equipped with a unique truncated cone under the same name.
Technically perfect, this wine, made from fruit, resulting from limited production and long-lasting macerations is seductive. Its oak-coloured elegance, its finesse and its delicacy make it an immediately pleasurable wine.