Mähler-Besse Family


Fréderik Mähler

In 1892, when Fréderik Mähler, then 20 years old, decides to leave the Netherlands to come and settle in Bordeaux in the fine wines and spirits trade. In 1905, he marries Marguerite Besse and gives to his company an international dimension while branching out into Northern Europe, the Dutch West Indies, Russia, Canada.

Henry Mähler-Besse

In 1928, Henry Mähler-Besse came to assist him. Together, they add the passion of the vineyard to that of wine while becoming co-owners in 1938 of Château Palmer in Margaux, then by buying Château Cheval Noir in St. Emilion. Shortly after the Second World War, Frederik bequeathed control of the company to his son Henry. For more than 30 years, he was the one who made the company thrive and became Consul of the Netherlands in Bordeaux.