Whiskies and WhiskeyFlecheRetour1-MBGlenfarclas Whiskies

  • Colour :

    Dark gold-coloured cut peat.

  • Nose :

    Complex, oak-coloured, flavours of apple and pears and tempting hints of caramel.

  • Taste :

    Dryness, it quickly develops a spicy richness, mixed with a hint of oak and a hint of candied fruit.

  • After-taste :

    Surprisingly soft for such a high alcohol content, very pleasant warmth with persistent but very round notes of aroma.

  • Comments :

    A superb whisky which has all the flavours of the various
    Glenfarclas all in the same glass. Do not let the alcohol content frighten you, order a 210 if you dare!! Thanks to its softness, the 105 can be drunk as it comes out of the barrel, but I advise you to add a little water to fully appreciate its depth.