Whiskies and WhiskeyFlecheRetour1-MBGlenfarclas Whiskies

  • Colour :

    Rich and dark gold-coloured.

  • Nose :

    Rich and complex flavours with fruit and hints of malt and sherry.

  • Taste :

    Sherry, cognac, brandy, fruits, nuts, almond paste, this whisky is a genuine fruit cake served in a glass!!

  • After-taste :

    A whisky that one never wants to finish and which seems to last forever.
    The after-taste is exquisite with a taste of burnt chocolate at the bottom of the palate.

  • Comments :

    This whisky was distilled at the time of my grandfather and it is thus to him that we owe the marvellous depth of this 30 year old whisky. It is the barrels which he bought which gave it its richness. The 30 year old whisky has been named “Best Single Malt available in Australia” in 2003 and received a gold medal at the time of the International Spirits Challenge in 2005.