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Launch of a new addition to the traditional range of Glenfarclas, the 40 year old Glenfarclas at 46 degrees. Thanks to very important stocks of the Sixties in our wine cellars, we can offer it as a continuous product and not only in limited edition. The idea is to offer an old whisky which enthusiasts can open and appreciate and not just keep it under lock and key without ever tasting it!

The design of the bottle reflects this intention: simple and traditional and consistent with the rest of the range. No huge wooden box, nor crystal carafe here!

Selected by George Grant, 6th generation of the Glenfarclas family owners, it is a splendid whisky!
“The nose makes me think of' being seated in an old leather armchair, eating nuts and grapes coated with chocolate. Initially the softness of pieces of orange coated in chocolate - then at the bottom of the palate the delicious aroma of caramelized brown sugar.

The after-taste appears full of tannin together with richness in dark cocoa beans. To appreciate this whisky more, let it breathe a little or add some drops of water. ”