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Glenfarclas Whiskies

The history of Glenfarclas is as rich and colourful as the whisky which bears its name. It is the history of a family, the Grants, who since 1865, share the same desire: to create a pure and perfect Scotch whisky from the Highlands.

It all started with John Grant. Born in 1805, John was a very active farmer, who owned several farms in the area and raised a champion breed of bovines called Aberdeeb Angus.

Seeing the fame of Glenfarclas extending beyond its land, John Grant and his son George founded in 1870 a family business called J&G Grant to manage the distillery. After years of hard labour, involving the family and skilful management, the future of Glenfarclas was secure in the hands of the Grant family.

More than 200 years after the birth of John Grant, his descendants continue to be the guardians of the distillery. From 10 years of age, with a malt taste which makes you salivate, to 30 years of age with the taste of candied fruit, Glenfarclas is as natural and perfect as the day when it leaves its native soil of the Highlands - its flavour is captured and preserved until the wonderful moment of truth when opening the bottle.